(Hungary; 85 min.) This Hungarian comedy has hack soap opera scripter Andras (Sandor Csanyi) living what his therapist calls the most boring soap imaginable—she can’t even figure out why he keeps seeing her. Andras is settling down to marry his girlfriend of five years, Lilla, and have a baby, but one day he awakes to discover there’s an entirely different woman claiming to be Lilla. Even worse, everyone else in his life agrees that she’s Lilla, too. As a romcom twist on a Twilight Zone premise, this might have worked, but before he can adjust to the reality of his new partner, yet another woman wakes up in his bed, claiming to be Lilla, with the same supportive evidence. This makes for some funny bits, as Andras discovers just how extreme his Lillas can get. There are other twists, but in the end, the hardest question to answer is: What’s the point? (SP)

Wed., March 2 at 12:15pm, Camera 12; Thu., March 10 at 5pm, Camera 12; Fri., March 11 at 9:45pm, Camera 12