Bill Sherry, Aviation Director at Mineta Airport of San Jose/Silicon Valley, has been picked by the city to moonlight as Dan Fenton’s replacement as the head of Team San Jose. Despite his new position, he will continue to serve as head of Mineta as well. Asked about the difficulty of running two major operations simultaneously, City Councilmember Sam Liccardo said, “If anyone can do it, it’s Bill.”

Mineta and the Convention Center do have a lot in common. Mineta recently underwent a $1.3 billion renovation, and the Convention Center is planning a costly renovation of its own. The Convention Center had been operating well over budget (forcing Fenton’s resignation), and Mineta is faced with budget problems of its own (mostly to cover the cost of renovation). There are differences too. The Convention Center, for example, says that traffic is low because it hasn’t yet renovated, while at Mineta traffic is low after it already renovated.

Sherry will receive a salary of $249,154 for the double position, including $50,000 from Team San Jose. Funding for that part of his salary will not come from the city.
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