San Jose was listed as the city with the second highest incidence of drunk driving nationwide in a survey of 20 major metropolitan areas. The survey was conducted by, an online marketplace for auto insurance.  The ranking was based on information submitted by users seeking car insurance. Among the factors taken into account were drunk-driving convictions and a number of other alcohol related violations.

Only San Diego surpassed San Jose as the city with the highest rate of drunk driving. San Francisco came in at eighth place. was careful to point out that the ranking is also indicative of the seriousness with which law enforcement takes drunk driving. The fact that there were arrests and convictions indicates that police are actively looking for drunk drivers, whereas in other cities, there may be a higher incidence but police are not as focused on the problem.

They also point out that there may be a link between drunk driving and college towns. In fact, the third-ranking city was Charlotte, North Carolina, another town known for its proximity to academic institutions. Boston, perhaps the most academic city in the country, was not included in the list because no information was available.
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