In a move that could come as a surprise to many, Sean Webby of the San Jose Mercury News reports that San Jose City Manager Debra Figone has decided to stay in-house and make Christopher Moore the permanent chief of police.

Moore, 49, has been acting chief since November of last year, when Rob Davis retired.

In his brief tenure as acting chief, Moore has been praised for promoting the first female in city history to the position of assistant chief (Diane Urban), as well as softening the city’s towing policy when illegal immigrants are stopped for traffic violations.

Low morale and criticism over racial profiling have dogged the department in recent years, and many were calling for a fresh start with the selection of a new chief

Figone’s decision to select Moore would have major ramifications for Anthony Batts, Oakland’s chief of police and the other finalist to be San Jose’s top cop. Batts has received criticism from city officials in Oakland, who, despite offering wide-spread approval of his performance on the job, were stunned to find out he was looking to leave after just one year into a three-year deal. He may have even greater problems in healing fractures within his department.

The Mercury News reports Tom Mannheim, Figone’s spokesman, has confirmed the city manager has made a decision and the city council will be notified of her choice in closed session Tuesday. The council would then need to ratify her decision in the public session.