San Jose’s police department has received plenty of criticism over the last few years—and it’s only about to become more targeted.

Police Chief Chris Moore has finished filling out a community advisory board, which will include some of his fiercest critics, the Mercury News reports. One of these board members is Silicon Valley De-Bug’s Raj Jayadev, an outspoken community activist who was in favor of Moore’s competition for the top cop spot, Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts. Moore, who took over as interim chief following the retirement of Rob Davis, got the nod two months ago to stay on with San Jose.

Jayadev is one of 17 people who will offer their thoughts on the manner in which police interact with the community and ways the force can improve, especially when it comes to street policing and curbing actions that some people have called examples of racial profiling. Other board members include: Imam Tahir Anwar, of the Islamic Center of San Jose; Jeff Moore, of the NAACP; Sylvia Perez-MacDonald, of La Raza Lawyer’s Association; and Juan Reyes, a retired police officer.

While the Police Officers Association is less than thrilled with some of Moore’s selections for the board, the new police chief said he is looking for “an unvarnished viewpoint” on ways the SJPD can improve.

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