The Director of Aviation at San Jose Mineta Airport sent a memo Monday to the City Council, stating that an analysis of air space and high-rise developments surrounding the airport will be postponed due to budget constraints.

The memo was distributed Thursday, and in it, William Sherry, director of aviation at Mineta Airport, writes that “the Airport does not consider it prudent to proceed with these economic impact studies until such time as the financial conditions improve.” Sherry notes that the analysis has already been deferred for several years.

The cost of an agreement to employ two aviation/consultant teams to conduct the studies is $200,000, and was part of the Airport’s Competitiveness Strategic Plan. The most important aspect of the studies, Sherry writes, is “a comprehensive economic impact analysis of protecting or not protecting local airspace for airline one-engine inoperative (OEI) emergency procedures.”

The airport will still consult with developers and council about proposed OEI height restrictions when it comes to future development projects.

Aviation Director Says Budget Too Dire to Conduct Studies of Development Near Airport.