For almost a decade, the Wikimedia Foundation that manages Wikipedia and various other sites has been the largest repository of free information in history. It may soon become the largest repository of free servers too. The WMF has announced that it is upgrading its servers, and in keeping with the organization’s mission as a charitable organization, it is giving the current servers away for free.

Of course, not anyone can come and claim a server. In order to be eligible, the recipient must be based in the U.S. and either registered as a nonprofit or an employee of the WMF. Furthermore, the usage should help provide greater access to Wikimedia websites. All requests will be reviewed, and submissions must include a description of how the server will be used by the nonprofit.

It may also be too late. The Wikimedia Foundation’s website says that over 100 requests have already been submitted, and that they “will not have enough servers to cover those, let alone more.”

At least one group has already been promised servers and a review of additional requests is underway.

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