If Chef Matthew LeGentry were stranded on a desert island and could choose to bring only four foods with him, he wouldn’t mess around. His choices would be prime New York steak, sashimi grade ahi, premium extra-virgin olive oil and, oh yeah, some nice carrots to munch on. All in all, it probably wouldn’t be so bad being stranded. Since the beginning of his cooking career, LeGentry has been obsessed with the quality of the individual ingredient. Italy is his favorite country and Italian his favorite food, because “it is so beautiful, and made with simple, pure ingredients. A dish can be made of three things and it explodes in your mouth.”

He has carried his obsession over to the Grill, where they have been using the same high-caliber meat and produce purveyors for years.
He wouldn’t have it any other way.

It was his cousin who got LeGentry into cooking by suggesting a dishwasher’s job. Matthew was in school earning a psychology degree but quickly decided against inviting people to stretch out on his couch, realizing that his calling was in the kitchen. His favorite cooking implement is the whisk because of its multitasking power and he still goes out to buy a new knife with every paycheck.

The Grill is famous for its incredible meats, so when he goes home the chef likes to cook simple fish and veggie stir-fries for a change. If you are coming to the Grill for the first time, he recommends the awe-inspiring “Tomahawk” rib chop, a Flintstones-size 30-ouncer.

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