The economy notwithstanding, these are good times to be eating out in Silicon Valley, and Silicon Valley Restaurant Week is perhaps the best opportunity to get a taste of what’s happening.

Anyone who thinks the South Bay is a culinary backwater hasn’t been getting out enough. Over the past few years, Silicon Valley’s dining scene has undergone a transformation that’s allowing local restaurants to emerge from the long shadow cast by that city by the bay up north. Just last week, the venerable Michelin guide bestowed new stars on four Silicon Valley restaurants.

But it’s not just the higher-end places that stand out. Silicon Valley’s strength has long been its off-the-beaten-path ethnic restaurants and that continues to be the case.

The maturation of Silicon Valley’s restaurant scene is not complete. There’s still plenty of room for growth. But the second-annual restaurant week offers a great chance to sample the state of the plate in the South Bay.

For me, what makes the region stand out is the depth and breadth of the culinary talent that local chefs bring to the table. In the profiles that follow, you’ll read about six chefs who are helping move Silicon Valley’s dining scene forward. I could have listed more. The talent pool here is deep and getting more so. While these chefs come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures (American, French, Italian, Mexican) they’re united by their desire to offer Silicon Valley diners a distinctive dining experience.

So dig in.

Log off and eat! Learn more about Silicon Valley Restaurant Week.

Meet the Chefs

Profile: Matthew Legentry
• Executive chef at the Grill on the Alley.

Profile: Marco Fossati
• Executive chef at Quattro.

Profile: Chef Michael Miller
• Executive chef Michael Miller of the Silicon Valley Capital Club.

Profile: Chef Arnulfo Hernandez
• Executive chef of Reposado in Palo Alto.

Profile: Chef Kirti Pant
• Executive chef at Junnoon.

Profile: Chef Dominique Faury
• Executive chef and owner of Twist Bistro.