Two adjacent buildings were destroyed in a four alarm fire in San Jose Sunday morning. The fire was first reported at the Savoy Café on 10th Street at 2:38 am. When firefighters arrived, they found that it was also raging in the neighboring San Jose Metal Recycling Center. According to eyewitnesses, flames were shooting 20 to 30 feet in the air from both buildings. The fire also affected a stretch of railroad tracks belonging to Union Pacific that ran behind the two buildings.

It took firefighters until about 6am to get the blaze under control, and by the time they were finished, both buildings were gutted and the railroad tracks had to be shut down. Captain Steve Forman of the SJFD later said that there are indications that the fire began in the alleyway between the two buildings. He did not yet know what may have caused the fire, but said that it is under investigation.

San Jose Metal Recycling is a drop off station, that provides cash for a variety of metals, including tin cans. It is popular among homeless people in San Jose, who go there frequently to turn in cans for coin.
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