Lazarus Reavallez, 16, and Kliefert Guiang, 17, were arraigned before a judge on Friday on a single count of arson. Police suspect that the two minors are responsible for the fire that destroyed much of Trace Elementary School this summer, causing millions of dollars in damages. Though the two boys are minors, District Attorney Dolores Carr decided to arraign them as adults given the severity of the crime. She said that the fire was willful and premeditated, and “not the case of kids fooling around with something that got out of control.”

Carr also cited past crimes committed by the two as a reason for her decision t try them as adults, though she would not specify what these crimes were. While it is speculated that there is a gang connection to the crime, this has not yet been determined conclusively during the lengthy investigation.

The two boys are currently being held in juvenile hall without bail. If they are convicted, they could face ten years to life for arson.
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