As Californians prepare to vote on the legalization of marijuana, narcotics agents in Santa Clara County raided the Angel’s Care Collective in Santa Clara, seizing 100 pounds of marijuana and two freezers full of cookies, candies, and drinks prepared with marijuana.  They also put a freeze on a bank account with $75,000 that has been linked to the dispensary.

While the Angel’s Care collective promotes its rigid insistence that members be screened several times before they can be assisted by their “budtenders,” authorities say that the site was selling medical marijuana to people who lack the proper documentation to buy it.  Even more disturbing to the authorities, however, was the suspicion that the site was making a profit; California law requires all medical marijuana dispensaries to operate as nonprofit ventures, and the site promotes itself as a co-op.

Santa Clara Police Chief Steve Lodge warns that other dispensaries in the county could also be targeted by the police in the weeks leading up to the election. In San Jose alone there are almost eighty active dispensaries, and officials believe that some of them are operating illegally. In addition to Angel’s Care, two other dispensaries have been subjected to police raids over the past few weeks.
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