One week after Republican superstar Sarah Palin dropped by San Jose to drum up support for Republican candidates, Bill Clinton appeared before a crowd of 5,000 people at SJSU on Saturday to win support for their Democratic rivals. He called on his audience, mostly young voters, to use the method they know best—social networking—to win support for Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom in the race for governor and lieutenant governor.

In his speech, Clinton identified the three problems that could cost the Democrats this election cycles: “Anger on the right, apathy among progressives, a healthy dose of amnesia about how we got in the fix we’re in.” This combination, he warned, “will wind up giving the American people the result they do not want but may think they do.”

Clinton went over the central Democratic talking points of no more tax breaks for the rich and the threat that a Republican government will plunge the nation and state into even more debt. He was also more specific, however, and addressed one of the main concerns of his young audience. Under Republican leadership, he cautioned, the cost of tuition will rise.
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