Sci-Fi Fantasy meets Reality
David Weber, sci-fi and fantasy author of the Honor Harrington series, will be at Barnes & Noble to talk about his new book Out Of The Dark. Meanwhile, over at the Central Park Library, Solar System Ambassador Eric Norris will present a multimedia program on current and future NASA missions along with some backyard stargazing tips.

Sound of Music Sing-Along
Freshen up the vocal chords and sing along with Julie Andrews and a full theatre audience for the 45th anniversary of “The Sound of Music.” AMC Theatres is presenting a special sing-along screening of the classic film in true HD along with an exclusive featurette that examines how the film has impacted popular culture.

Tezkatlipoka Aztec Dance and Drum
Learn the pre-Columbian forms of Aztec dance and drumming at the free class held by San Jose’s own Aztec dance group, Calmecac Tezkatlipoka Aztec Dance and Drum by Texomazatl. The group’s philosophy centers on preserving the sacred traditions left behind by ancestors while sharing and exchanging cultural knowledge as a way to foster a sense of unity and connectedness between all peoples of the Earth.

Born in Philly, Bilal is a classically trained vocal veteran. He’s collaborated with the likes of Dr. Dre, Beyonce, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z and John Legend. The Grammy-nominated musical artist just released his third studio album, Airtight’s Revenge. His sophomore album was shelved but leaked entirely online; nevertheless, it was well received to fans and music critics and has become an underground classic.

Pablo Francisco
The man of a million impressions, Pablo Francisco (MAD TV, Comedy Central Presents) could make a long career out of voice-over work; his emulations of “the movie trailer guy,” Keanu Reeves, the Governator, Latino women and gay Latino men are just a few of his aces. His live show is high octane and it’s rare when he doesn’t break a sweat.