Lew Wolff took a giant step toward getting a new stadium built in Santa Clara County on Thursday. Unfortunately for local A’s fans, that stadium will have nothing to do with baseball.

Instead, a ceremony was held to begin demolition to pave the way for a new soccer stadium for the San Jose Earthquakes, who are co-owned by Wolff, near Mineta San Jose International Airport. The site of the stadium will replace the FMC plant which at one time was used to manufacture Bradley Fighting Vehicles (aka tanks).

According to the Mercury News, Councilmember Sam Liccardo brought a little political theatre to the proceedings by summoning his inner-Ronald Reagan and telling the team’s managing partner, Keith Wolff: “Mr. Wolff, tear down this wall!” From there a demolition man went to work.

Estimates have the demolition taking about three months. It should then take about a year for the stadium to be built.
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