Poor Bing. Even with the backing of all-powerful Microsoft, it has yet to make a serious dent in the ubiquitous Googleverse. Not for lack of trying, mind you, and its latest efforts may be gathering some steam. With the new King of Bing contest, Microsoft is looking for Bing map features that even Google doesn’t have.

It’s not easy. After all, Google Maps already offers directions from San Jose to Honolulu for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers—provided they have a handy dandy kayak. So how does the King of Bing top that for the bling?

It starts with a series of bizarre apps that have been developed exclusively for Bing. Don’t know where you want to go for vacation? How about using the Random Location generator? Although If you do find yourself in rural Nebraska, you have only yourself to blame.

Then there is APO-AT, for people who find themselves out of aspirin in Austria—which can be a real headache. How about the dream app for soccer fans everywhere? Zero in on your favorite stadium from the air.

The bigger winner though will likely be the taxi fare generator. If Google Maps offers walking, cycling, public transport, and driving instructions for getting from place to place, Bing takes it a step further by offering taxi cab routes, along with a fare generator. It’s not enough to know the best way to get from Mineta to downtown.

You should also have at least a ballpark figure (or should that be a soccer stadium figure) as to how much it will cost you. Of course, if the taxi driver takes you for a ride, chances are he will not care how much Bing thinks you should have paid, but at least you will have confirmation that you were just shafted.

Still, give credit where credit is due. Bing is fighting back.

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