Microsoft has filed a complaint against Google with the European Commission, claiming that the search engine dominates local search markets in ways that violate the EU’s anti-trust laws. In a blog post explaining the suit, Microsoft states that, “By the European Commission’s own reckoning, Google has about 95 percent of the search market in Europe.”

That hardly leaves a lot of room for search engine Bing. The complaint adds that while the situation surrounding Google’s practices in the U.S. is “troubling,” it is much worse in Europe. The post goes on to raise concerns about YouTube, Android phones, and especially Google Books, an issue that has already struck a chord in Europe.

In an official statement, Google said that it was “not surprised that Microsoft has done this,” explaining that a Microsoft subsidiary was among the first companies to complain against Google’s business practices.

The European Commission has issued its own statement, saying that it “will inform Google and will ask for its views on it.”

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