"Painted ladies leaned out of its large Italinate Victorian second story windows,
while a saloon occupied the first floor. The upstairs contained four bedrooms,
serving as a residence for the ladies." 
WAVES Smokehouse & Saloon placemat

Eric Carlson, 1999

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65 Post St. - Glein-Fenerin Building, 1873.

A gem hidden in the shadows of dingy downtown San Jose.

Built in 1873 in the Italinate Victorian style (commercial), with suggestions of the Italian Renaissance Palace period (note triangular pediments above windows), it was configured within as a Saloon & Bawdy House. No record exists of the goings on between 1873 and 1880, but a shoemaker by the name of Eugene Votzenlogel was soon to scrawl his name onto the pages of San Jose history.

The San Jose directory of 1881/1882 lists Eugene Votzenlogel as proprietor of the Orpheus Saloon at the NE Corner of El Dorado & Lightston,
and Mrs. E. Voltzenlogel is listed as owner of "Baths" on Lightston between Santa Clara and El Dorado - a separate building from the saloon.

Leo Sullivan recollects from his childhood days (circa 1895),
"This saloon featured a window with many live canaries. It stood on the corner of Lightstone Alley. In the center of the window, a dead tree served as perch and roost for birds."
The saloon was popularly referred to as "The Bird Saloon."

Time-line of Ownership:
1873 - 1880 Unknown.
1880 - 1905 Eugene Votzenlogel. "Orpheus Saloon," later referred to as
"The Bird Saloon," and still later as "Eugene Votzenlogel's Saloon and Bath House."
1905 - 1913 P.H. Sullivan. "P.H. Sullivans Saloon."
1913 - 1916 A.C. Bassie. "A.C. Bassie's Saloon"
1916 - 1945 William Henry Fenerin. "Billy Finley's Saloon"
("Billy the Barber" between 1920-1933. [Speakeasy & Bootlegging.])
The building would remain in the Fenerin family until 1991 when it was bought by Joel Wyrick and Judy Pearson. Business's cycled as follows:
1945 - 1955 Louis Albertini. "Billy Finley's Saloon"
1955 - 1990 Dennis Hooker. "Ace Loan Company"
1990 - 1997 Vacant
1997 - Pres. Joel Wyrick & Judy Pearson.
"WAVES Smokehouse and Saloon"*

Joel and Judy have restored this building magnificently. It now evokes a bygone era, and is as close to El Dorado St. as you are going to get in this vale of tears - and the food is superb.
(I can hear my friends guffawing as I present myself as a connoisseur of fine food.)

* The first incarnation of WAVES was located at 50 University Avenue in
Old Town Los Gatos
(1990 - 1997). WAVES is an acronym for Willy Alex Viva's Exceptional Saloon.

65 Post St. once had a corner swinging door

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