The news that one could sample three-star Michelin cooking at an affordable price point has been one of the shelter-at-home cloud’s silver linings.

Lalita Kaewsawang, Manresa’s guest chef, provided some Thai touches last week for the restaurant’s changing menu options. A former employee, Chef Kaewasawang founded Hanloh, a Thai comfort catering company that hosts pop-ups throughout the Bay Area.

After parking in front of Manresa, we were greeted by a gentleman in formal dress with gloves. A few kind words were exchanged, and he quickly fetched our orders.

Each dish had specific instructions for reheating with both temperatures and times, and portions were generous.

Yum Ponlamai, a subtle sweet fruit salad with apples, mango and watermelon doused with light tamarind and peanut dressing was an immediate hit.

The Gaeng Dang Moo red curry pork ribs were elegantly prepared, with a slight kick from Thai peppers.

Laab Cauliflower, toasted with chile de arbol and mint, was a perfect side, as was the pineapple rice.

The tapioca pudding closer was a bright, clean and refreshing end to a great meal.