Nepalese food can be a bit of a mystery to diners. Is it Chinese? Is it Indian? The answer: yes.⁣⁣ One of the original fusions, Nepalese food was born in Nepal, as trade routes turned the landlocked country into a delicious nexus for Chinese, Indian and Tibetan cuisine.

⁣⁣Nepal’s most popular culinary export is most certainly the momo, which is a tasty steamed dumpling filled with savory and spicy goodies, such as chicken, pork and vegetarian-friendly options. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣While there are numerous momo trucks and pop-ups throughout the South Bay, brick-and-mortar locations are still rare. ⁣⁣Enter Momo Grill, which began as a food truck and recently opened their first storefront in Saratoga. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣The menu at Momo Grill boasts a number of fresh creations—including a fried chicken momo, which is as good as one might imagine. Its crisp exterior gave way to a savory chicken filling, and even featured a touch of broth, reminiscent of a Chinese XLB ⁣⁣

⁣⁣There are also Chinese and Indian options on the menu. The lamb roganjosh was particularly good, but be warned—the spice level is as advertised: hot!

Despite closing their Downtown San Jose location earlier this year, Chromatic Coffee opened a coffee bar at their roastery last month, in the same complex that houses Hapa’s Brewing Company. Located just a few miles north of Downtown Willow Glen on Lincoln Avenue, this is where the magic happens—from the actual roasting of the beans to the packaging.

Co-founder and coffee guru Hiver van Geenhoven says the new location has a few features that should excite coffee lovers, including some tech for their roasters that tracks the changing colors of the beans in real time, as well as a Voga Coffee machine that makes pour-over quality coffee at the same price as drip.

“We’re one of only three coffee houses in the Bay with this tech!” he exclaims.

This new location will also feature baked goodies from Manresa Bread, public cuppings every Thursday at 11am and offer classes on brewing and latte art.

Fine dining restaurant ASA Los Altos has expanded south, opening a new location in Los Gatos. ASA Los Gatos replaces the now defunct Grill 57. The expansion specializes in upscale American cuisine with a heaping side of Italian and Spanish influence. Try their paellas and their liberty duck confit with rhubarb compote and huckleberry-raspberry sauce. Their craft cocktails are also a must-try. The Asa G&T is made with Fords Gin, Carpano Bianco Vermouth, Fever Tree Tonic, edible flowers, grapefruit and juniper berries. Reservations are recommended.

The South Bay seems to be the place for Japanese ramen houses seeking to expand in the States. Last year saw acclaimed Ramen Nagi open its first two American locations in Palo Alto and Santa Clara; this year saw the equally revered AFURI Ramen + Dumplings open their second American location here in Cupertino (the first was in Portland). Their yuzu shio ramen is particularly tasty. It’s made with a clear chicken broth called “chintan,” which is simmered just below boiling to give it a clear and light flavor.

Adega—San Jose’s first restaurant to earn a Michelin star—opened a brand-new bakery, Pastelaria Adega, late last month in the heart of downtown San Jose. Taking a page out of Manresa’s playbook, the new location will specialize in quality Portugese baked goods, such as bread, cakes and other confections. Their pastel de nata (or Portugese egg tart) is the essential item here. It has a crispy exterior and soft and sweet custardy center.

Popular south San Jose BBQ joint, TAOB Pit Stop, will be closing their restaurant for the remainder of the year and probably into early next year to complete some kitchen renovations and upgrades. However, the catering side of the operation will still be open for business, and there’s also a possibility that they might be bringing the Pit Stop to several cities as a pop-up while the renovations are underway.