Jason Revino, owner of the popular Scotts Valley Cambodian restaurant Jia Tella’s, opened another eatery in July. It’s got pizza, burgers, sandwiches, finger foods, beer and mountain biking décor. Oh, it’s also in the same building as Revino’s first restaurant and next to the bar he also owns, JT’s Next Door. Maybe that’s why he named the new spot Two Doors? We asked to find out.

Metro: Why Two Doors?
Jason Revino: When I was building it, Jia Tella’s was open. I’d be working on building the bar next door, and all my friends would call me [asking], “Are you at the restaurant or are you next door?” I’d go, “I’m next door.” It just kind of stuck.

Why the bicycle theme?
The whole concept when I built Jia Tella’s—remember Seinfeld, the soup Nazi? It’s like “my way or the highway.” Everything in there is my favorite. Same thing with Two Doors. I had to decorate it. I love mountain biking. I go all over the world mountain biking. If I’m going to decorate it, it might as well be with something I love. I love beers, I love burgers, I love pizza, I love mountain biking. People think, “Oh, you’re sponsored by Fox.” No, my buddy’s head of the marketing department over there and he hooked me up with a bunch of cool decorations. It’s a fun little place to come hang out. It’s kind of a little brewpub house in a way. You can hang out after a bike ride, have a couple of beers.

Barking Dog, Star Wars, Sick ’n’ Twisted. Where’d you come up with these sandwich and burger names?
They’re named after bikes and trails all around Santa Cruz. It was something kind of fun. I ride a Devinci Spartan bike. My favorite pizza is a Devinci. It’s got black olives and sausage, onions, a little bit of garlic—it’s a thin crust. My favorite salad is a Spartan. I love Caesar salad. Barking Dog is our Italian sausage sandwich. That’s a trail that’s way in the top of the mountain, kind of hidden. You got Sick ’n’ Twisted, Pipeline. Those are all names of trails. It’s fun. We create an environment where you want to hang out with some friends, drink some beers and get some good food.

Two Doors
5600 Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley.