We live in an age when people revel in their ignorance, even when good information has never been easier to access. Save the politics. We’re talking cocktails.

Not too long ago Haberdasher owner Cache Bouren—the progenitor of craft cocktails in Silicon Valley—sent along an instructional video on how to make a great Old Fashioned. I had a feeling something was up before the bartender filled the glass to the brim with Jim Beam. There’s an art to crafting a great cocktail and clearly some basic rules were being ignored, if not trampled upon, doused in kerosene and animal hair, and burned in effigy.

Hoping to elevate our collective knowledge, we reached out to Haberdasher, located in San Jose’s SoFA District, to explain the necessary tips to cocktail like a pro this summer. It starts, of course, with good spirits and fresh ingredients, but then there are a few other rules: measured pours, ice shaken only seven to 10 seconds to prevent a drink from becoming too watery, garnishing with ingredients that fit the profile of the drink.

Bouren shared the secret recipe for a house special, the Tick Toki, as well as instructions on how to make a classic daiquiri. (Put that effing blender away.)

Tick Toki

Toki Whisky — 1 ¼ oz.

Cointreau — ¾ oz.

Sage syrup — ¾ oz.

Lemon juice — ½ oz.

Pour all ingredients before adding ice. Shake 7-10 seconds. Pour into a cold glass. Get a fresh sage leaf, smack it flat, and lay it flat over the drink. Voíla!

43 W San Salvador St, San Jose. 408.792.7356. haberdashersj.com