The humble sandwich is often taken for granted in the foodie world, as it is hardly the sexiest option when grabbing lunch. How can bread and sliced meat compare with enticing options such as poke or ramen or whatever else the kids are into these days?

However, I submit that few things in this world are better than a proper sandwich. The latest evidence to back this claim: The Sub Hub.

Situated neatly between Santa Clara University and the Caltrain Station on El Camino, Sub Hub draws hungry patrons with its locally sourced ingredients, fresh-sliced meats and bread delivered daily from San Jose’s iconic Roma Bakery. Aside from sandwiches, the eatery has quite a few other options including pizza, wraps, salads, soups and plenty of Veg Head-friendly items.

I kept it simple and ordered a few sandwiches: the 49ers Touch (grilled chicken breast, cilantro, chipotle-mayo, barbecue sauce and American cheese), Giant Curve (roast beef, roasted onions and Provolone cheese), The Bronco (grilled chicken breast, bacon and Swiss)—and we couldn’t resist the My Favorite (Pepperoni, Bacon and extra cheese) pizza. The fully-loaded 6-inch sandwiches and individual pizzas are reasonably priced at $7.75 each; they also have 9-inch versions of the sandwiches for an additional $3.

I think we can agree that bread makes or breaks a sandwich, and thanks to Roma’s fresh-baked bread, Sub Hub has this angle covered in spades. The whole wheat especially stood out; earthy, toothsome and just the right amount of softness, this is what all wheat breads should aspire to be. The meat and fillings were all tasty. I especially liked that the top-round roast beef is served medium-rare and the grilled chicken breasts were juicy and cooked just right. Also, the chipotle-mayo on the 49ers Touch had a nice piquant kick.

As for the pie, I’m lucky I got a small taste, as my 6-year-old pizza expert gobbled it down with haste. It had a nice, crisp crust and plenty of meat and cheese to satisfy any pizza lover. The tomato sauce reminded me a bit of La Villa’s gravy, with its bright, well-rounded notes.

Sub Hub’s already got game with their current lineup, but they will soon be expanding their repertoire with an Indian Fusion menu featuring a Stephen Curry sandwich (curry sauce on grilled chicken breast) and a Tikka Pizza, as well as beer and wine to help quench one’s thirst.

The Sub Hub 
495 El Camino Real, Suite 111, Santa Clara.