Joining poke, burgers and a lively cocktail and beer lunch hour, the SoFA Market’s newest vendor adds just what the space sorely needed: a hearty sandwich shop. Toasted, Craft Sandwiches opened nearly three weeks ago, and the family-operated deli specializes in quick, healthy lunch options.

Located in the back right corner of the market, surrounded by communal seating and flat screen TVs, Toasted, Craft Sandwiches has a white-tiled backdrop and a simple whiteboard serving as its menu. Cleanliness seems to be a top priority. Greeted by helpful servers, the deli provides a friendly and inviting environment that fits in well with the rest of the vendors.

Their tentative menu has traditional deli favorites, from Turkey Avocado ($11) and an Italian sub ($14) to vegetarian options such as the Balsamic Portobello Mushroom ($9). Sides, for now, are limited to bagged chips.

“We are still tweaking things trying to get a feel for what people like,” says Toasted, Craft Sandwiches server Joan Dao. “We definitely want to add a soup and some salads in the future.”

For a small yet flavorful portion to savor, try the shop’s Pastrami ($11). Though the corned beef and pepperoni offer bold flavors, the Swiss cheese and pickles give a needed twist to each warm bite enclosed in slices of warm, buttery sourdough. It’s a small sandwich, which will either help those who lack portion control or leave the ravenous with little choice but to longingly gobble up the side pickle.

Those looking for a cold alternative should try the Turkey Avocado, which is packed with a layer of avocado as thick as a moist layer of Salsalito turkey. Served on a soft ciabatta bread smeared with spicy mustard and mayo, the sandwich comes with Swiss cheese, red onions, sprouts and Kumato tomato.

Prices per sandwich vary, as the Italian Sub is the most expensive at $14. Featuring spicy mustard and mayo on a soft baguette, the sub includes black forest ham, mortadella, salami, Swiss cheese, arugula, red onions and kumato tomato. The variety of meat in the sandwich made for a flavorful treat, and the condiments gave it a savory finish.

Despite the hefty cost for modestly sized portions, Toasted, Craft Sandwiches seems like a strong fit with the variety of tastes SoFA Market offers.

Toasted , Craft Sandwiches
387 S. First St, San Jose.