Following up on the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, Paradox Barbershop takes the tradition of barbering and gives it a modern, simple twist, engaging creativity from all walks of life.

“Physically, Paradox is a barbershop,” said Jordan Benigno, one of the shop’s founders, “but we are creating a lifestyle with a big emphasis on the barbers who are influenced by culture of Silicon Valley, which is a little more progressive.”

JR Soriano, another founder, added that the name Paradox is significant because barbering is a timeless tradition. But when walking into the Paradox space, there is a modern take. Patrons are greeted with music from a variety of  artists, from J. Cole and The Weeknd to  Alabama Shakes. And it wouldn’t be a barbershop if stylists weren’t laughing and joking with one another as well as their clients.

“The music is a mirror image of the shop itself,” said Don Gomez, another Paradox founder. “It can be anything we want it to be at any given time. We have so many different types of people who come into the shop and we have playlists that they can relate to.”

Another part of Paradox’s creativity can be found in its fashion merchandise. New products went on sale Dec. 16 at the pre-release Paradox Winter 16 experience in Japantown, which featured a collection of hoodies, mock necks and flannel wool caps. All items display the custom Paradox palm tree paisley design.

Art Derecho, one of the artists who helped create the new line, said the clothing id designed so people “can throw it on with any other piece.”

“It’s  also winter,” Benigno added, “so people layer up, and we just want it to be made to layer with good quality.”

This is Paradox’s first online release, which Soriano described as a Paradox debut to the world as many online followers are not Bay Area residents.

“It’s crazy, we opened August 8, 2015, and it’s only been a year and a half and to see the growth in each other and in the shop shop it’s hard to put into words,” Benigno said.

With the chill vibes and an environment that inspires creativity, Paradox is a place where clients can get lined up while relaxing in the middle of a hustling city.

“We are influenced by our surroundings and the city we’re from,” Benigno said. “We are who we are because of that and we like to lead by example.”