Los Gatos a new brewpub that aims to satiate the South Bay’s appetite for booze and bites. While there is no shortage of establishments offering craft beers and food, few are actual breweries. Loma Brewing Company is one of these few, with silos on-site at their expansive downtown location.

One section of the brewpub is, of course, a brewery, while another is a bar with two televisions playing sports. The third section is a quieter dining area with booths. The place is owned by the Youkilis brothers—Scott is a former chef and Kevin is a former Major League Baseball player best known from his time with the Boston Red Sox. With this combination, it’s safe to expect lots of good food and sports at Loma Brewing.

The daily happy hour runs from 3-6pm, with $5 Loma beers and $8 cocktails and snacks. Serving standard yet elevated bar food like nachos and chicken wings, dishes mostly come in small plates meant for sharing. Many items are house-made like the chips and dip ($8), featuring a gooey French onion dip. The flatbreads are decently sized and the smoked trout version with arugula, apple, radish, and crème fraiche ($15) are worth a try.

For seafood options, we went with the Ceviche Tostada ($13) with shrimp and salsa rojo. While the flavors were not as bold as expected of a ceviche, the shrimp was still satisfying with the avocado puree. The Mussels and Clams ($14) were the highlight of the meal. The flavorful spicy tomato broth paired well with crusty and buttery garlic bread.

For newcomers, the beer flight ($21) is a good way to try all seven of Loma’s original beers: Kolsch German ale, Berliner Weisse wheat beer, Oktoberfest German lager, Pale Ale American style, IPA American style, Irish Dry Stout and Oatmeal Stout. A variety of guest beers are also available on tap as well as wines, cocktails and ciders. A refreshing glass of Finnriver Pear Cider ($8) has fruity and acidic notes reminiscent of a Wyder’s.

The open space and plentiful seating makes Loma Brewing a great place to socialize. The atmosphere is casual and inviting, which is fitting as beer should not be bourgeois. As expected for the Los Gatos area, the prices are on the higher side for both food and drinks. Loma offers brunch and afternoon meal times in addition to the standard lunch, dinner and happy hour. There are also late-night specials on Friday and Saturday until midnight.

Loma Brewing Company
130 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos.