There is no other star-crossed love affair which has been retold and re-interpreted as Romeo and Juliet. Inspiring numerous renditions throughout the years, William Shakespeare’s tragedy tells the tale of two lovers destined for despair. From school plays, Broadway and box-office blockbusters, Romeo and Juliet has remained a timeless classic.

In an effort to add to the experience of this romantic and bloodstained story, the Montalvo Arts Center is hosting a new production of the Bard’s best known tale, which allows audience members to walk in the footsteps of these well-known characters of fair Verona.

A fully immersive event, which promises to be unlike any other—this production drops the audience in the middle of the action as the Montagues and Capulets clash swords, recite the infamous vows and meet their demise in this one of-a-kind site-integrated production.

The play will unfold throughout the 175-acre park, with different scenes playing out in different locations as viewers follow along with the action. Steady your heart as the Montagues and Capulets face off in the Garden Terrace, celebrate at the masked ball in the Mediterranean-style Villa Montalvo and reconcile loss in the Italianate Garden.

The Montalvo Art Center is a historic landmark built in 1912 by James Duval Phelan, a three-term progressive San Francisco mayor. After his death in 1930 Phelan dedicated Villa Montalvo to the exhibition of artworks and trusted it to be used as a center for creativity for the community.

Directed by Ava Roy and presented by the We Players theatre company, this production of Romeo and Juliet will also ask audience members to pick sides and encourage them to participate during the play—further blurring the line between spectator and actor. Unlike staged productions of Romeo and Juliet, We Players actors and viewers will have to work with the environment. Attendees are asked to dress accordingly and be prepared for the physical demands of traversing Montalvo Center.

More akin to improv, movement and development throughout the play will be spontaneous and reactive. With each scene, audience and actors will continually move to a new site, roving along like a traveling troupe while the characters continue in monologue and dialogue.

We Players’ immersive Romeo and Juliet production kicks off Oct. 6, beginning at 5pm, and runs through Oct 16. General admission is $60, students $40. Box lunches can be added for $15. Click here for more info and tickets.