For those that are new to San Jose, navigating the region’s sprawling, freeway- and expressway-tangled landscape can be tricky to say the least. And it’s not uncommon to find people who have lived here for years, blissfully unaware of the myriad hidden gems dotting the Silicon Valley.

The Tech plans to shine illuminate the many secrets that San Jose has to offer June 28, when a group of locals in the know—such as Heather Lerner of Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, Max Shultz of Hotel De Anza—lead adventurers through an evening in San Jose. The night will consist of small group discussions and informal presentations from a wide variety of San Jose business and organization representatives.

“I think this Creative Collisions event is a great way to celebrate all that San Jose has to offer,” says Chloe Verrey of the San Jose Downtown Association. “There is so much rich cultural history in each neighborhood, and there is always something going on. I hope this event encourages people to explore the city more, be open to new things, and to be unafraid to declare their love for San Jose.”

This event is one of many from the new Creative Collisions series, which is meant to bring together the “movers and shakers” of Silicon Valley for a variety of unique experiences. A few past events include exploring virtual reality and humanity, 3D printing and the body, and the intersection of ballet and wearable devices. The main goal of these events is to introduce visitors to the Tech, with one-of-a kind experiences in a city that promotes technological innovation and, of course, fun.

Experience all the hands-on fun the Tech has to offer this Sunday at Community Day where admission is free to all visitors.