On the quiet end of downtown Mountain View, The Phoenix Veg Cafe & Juice Bar provides a safe haven of breakfast and lunch choices. Large green fronds against a reed wall provide a welcoming backdrop and small plants on the cafe-sized tables carry on the natural theme. Oversized framed photos of sweeping landscapes hang on bright orange walls and piles of organic fruits and vegetables share counter space with dozens of bottles of mysterious powders.

The brunch buffet goes from 9am to 3pm on the weekend. We ordered drinks and a bowl of Phoenix Oats ($4.50) with berries ($1.25) to sustain us while they finished setting up. While we waited we checked out the pyramid of “the elements”—homemade blends of herbs and supplements with names like “Focused” and “Venus” as Bob Marley played in the background. Once it arrived, we devoured the fresh and satisfyingly healthy bowl of steel cut oats, coconut milk, sliced bananas, cacao powder, vanilla and added berries.

The juice and smoothie menu is where The Phoenix shines. I took down a 12 oz. Iron Blood juice ($5.45)—kale, carrot, apple, celery, beet and lemon, plus a ginger boost ($1.25)—and immediately considered ordering another. My dining companion got a Forever Young smoothie ($4.65) with mango, açaí, pineapple and banana, and sung the praises of its tropical flavors.

Once the weekend brunch ($12.95 for eat in, $6.95/$10.95 for take out) was setup, we piled our plates with the week’s Italian-themed options. Breakfast potatoes with onions and herbs provided a solid foundation for scrambled tofu with pesto basil “sausage” and the eggplant no parmigiano. While small—just two hot chafing trays and one cold section—the buffet packs a lot of variety with quinoa porridge, penne pasta and mushrooms, basmati rice and veggies, fruit salad, a savory tapas bar and a rotating vegan cake. Overall the buffet is a convenient option if you’re looking to get in and out.

Still dreaming about their juices a week later, I stopped by again for a 12 oz. Sunrise ($4.65) with almond milk, banana, mango and pineapple with a kale boost ($1.25), as well as an organic coffee ($3.25) to power through the day. With a weekly juice subscription, catering, online ordering and a friendly staff, the Phoenix is a rising star for vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious omnivores. —Tami Weiss

The Phoenix Veg Cafe & Juice Bar 
650 Castro St #130, Mountain View.
650.282.5701. phoenix-juice.com.