What started out more than three decades ago as a small venture aimed at feeding 10-15 homeless people, has grown into a community service organization that has changed the lives of thousands in San Jose, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and Palo Alto. Loaves and Fishes, which calls itself a “family kitchen,” the non-profit serves meals to low-income families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet.

Santa Clara County’s Hunger Index reports that a startling 150 million meals are still needed in order to have a healthy community. Walking through downtown San Jose today one can see just how many in this region are living on the streets—a fact that was hidden from view when many homeless were still living in the massive former encampment known as “The Jungle.” A faltering economy and the high cost of living in the Bay Area, have pushed low-income families to the breaking point. Many working parents can’t afford to provide healthy meals for their children. Others rely mostly on soup kitchens to get by. Seniors are also struggling.

Founded 35 years ago, Loaves and Fishes has recently grown immensely in order to accommodate the large influx of those in need. Along with their generous volunteers, the organization was able to double the amount of meals they served in 2015. They now serve 315,00 breakfasts, lunches and dinners a year.

Thanks to Community Development Partners, Loaves and Fishes now has access to a full centralized kitchen that allows them to cook thousands of meals every day—far more than the 100 a day they formerly could accommodate. Second Harvest Food Bank and the Richard and Lynette DiNapoli family have also pitched in, sponsoring a hot and cold food truck, which allows for meals to be transported all over the Bay Area and serve even more hungry people working to get back on their feet.

“We are very happy with the relationship between CDP and Loaves & Fishes,” says Eric Paine, CEO of CDP of Community Development Partners. “We want to play a role in supporting their efforts to help the community. Our desire is for a long lasting, successful partnership.”

Although there have been many improvements help is still needed from the community. Those interested in helping Loaves and Fishes can participate in the Feed the Need 5k/10k on June 5, more information here. Watch the video below for testimonials on the efficacy of Loaves and Fishes.