Our House is in the middle of the street. The cozy spot sits across from the Tech Museum, and offers comfort food made out of organic, grass-fed, additive-free ingredients—most of which were grown within 500 miles. Out of these exceptional starting materials, they craft thick, Greek-influenced flavors, complimenting quality cuts of meat with bright, fresh veggies in dishes that rest easy in the stomach.

The simple menu wastes no space—each item novelly crafted and most christened with a fun name. The “We Got the Beets” ($9) salad centered on red, orange and yellow renditions of the namesake bulbs that were sweet, earthy and par-boiled so they gave just a bit of resistance in each bite. The chilly roots came flanked by a smear of tart goat cheese mousse, oval ciabatta crisps and micro greens drizzled in a tangy truffle vinaigrette.

Their “Black Sheep” sandwich ($11) sits on a buttery onion bun. They smush the grass-fed ground lamb into a thin patty, coat it with cumin, then grill it until the edges get crispy. They cut the pleasant gaminess with the goat cheese mousse and a sweet, roasted bell pepper and golden raisin chutney.

Another option is the “Potbelly” sandwich ($13), which makes the most of thickly marbled pig belly. The pork slab is dappled with pockets of dense meat and rich fat, giving each bite a new consistency that alternates between the leanness of a chop and the unapologetic gluttony of bacon. The tasty cut was anointed with plum sauce, avocado puree and a crisp and tangy Napa cabbage slaw.

The family-owned lunch spot radiates warmth, and the wait staff moves quickly when you order from the counter—the cashier lightly roasted me on my thick glasses when I squinted to read the monitors displaying their menu, before handing me a physical copy.

Other options include: the “Kale and Farro” salad ($10) with feta, blood orange, winter squash and white balsamic orange and mint vinaigrette; or the “Moo N’ Blue” sandwich ($11), a skirt steak dressed up with blue cheese, grilled onions and mixed kale.

They also serve simple breakfast favorites such as biscuits and sausage gravy ($5), egg sandwich ($5) or Greek yogurt ($4). A sweet tooth can be satisfied by their fresh-baked cookies ($2): golden-brown chocolate chip or soft oatmeal raisin.

Our House deserves its homey moniker due to the obvious care put into each ingredient—from selection to execution.

Our House
185 Park Ave. Ste 189, San Jose.