As part of a national tour to promote her book Hot Body Year Round, viral workout instructor Cassey Ho will be stopping by 24 Hour Fitness on Parkmoor Avenue on April 12.

Cassey, who has a worldwide following of more than 2 million subscribers with some videos reaching more than 5 million views, will be hosting a special Pilates course at the gym followed by a book signing.

Cassey’s passion for health and fitness began while she was in her sophomore year at Whittier College, where she taught Pilates at a local studio and became a certified trainer that same year. She has been teaching Pilates professionally for over nine years and even invented her own workout, POP Pilates.

“I wanted to innovate the program and bring up the intensity by creating exercises based on Top 40 radio hits,” Cassey says of the POP Pilates workout she created in 2008.

Because it incorporates popular music with rigorous exercise moves, this workout is both fun and effective.

After first discovering Pilates through the Mari Winsor exercise tapes, Cassey has been influenced by the exercise in many aspects of her life. When she could not find stylish gym bags, she founded the oGorgeous bag company, creating functional and attractive designs that have been featured in Shape magazine.

To share her expertise and passion with the world, she started the Blogilates website and her YouTube channel. Her success on these platforms and her fitness expertise landed her on the Dr. Oz and Steve Harvey shows.

She’s at it again with her new book, Hot Body Year Round, and her national tour. Drawing on her years of fitness experience, Cassey’s Hot Body Year Round book is filled with her unique, blood-pumping exercises, inspirational lifestyle tips and healthy recipes.

“The book is about how to stay fit and healthy throughout the year and includes over 120 exercises,” Cassey says.

Fitness gurus can attend Cassey Ho’s POP Pilates workout at 11am on April 12 and get their signed copy of her new book at the 24 Hour Fitness located at 1531 Parkmoor Avenue in San Jose.

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