With regular appearances at the Blank Club and other local music venues, the Trims have been a fixture in San Jose’s rock scene since their debut in 2009. We caught up with band members Bryan Aguirre (guitar), Gabe Maciel (vocals) and Billy Brady (drums) to find out a few of their favorite San Jose hangouts.

The Trims latest EP Vida is available now. Listen to the single “Now You’re Gone” below.

What’s your favorite neighborhood in San Jose, and why?

Bryan: It’s gotta be the Mayfair Eastside area. It has the best tacos, burritos and ceviche in a square mile radius, hands down.

Best local gig to date?

Bryan: Playing the City National Civic for Fanime. Hearing our music in a big venue was definitely an incredible experience.

What’s the last great local show you caught?

Bryan: Watching Morrissey in San Jose was pretty awesome.

What are three local bands everyone should listen to?

Gabe: Vulture Smile, Turn Me on Dead and Hawk Jones.

What are a few of your favorite restaurants?

Billy: One of my favorite restaurants is BJ’s brewery because of the awesome selection of beers and happy hour whenever there is a game on.

Best stops for new clothes/shoes?

Bryan: Find some hidden gems in Eastridge Mall. There is plenty of parking and the stores could definitely use more business.

Favorite dives?

Gabe: JJ’s Blues and Hyde Park.

Best breakfast/brunch?

Billy: Bill’s Cafe in Willow Glen or on the Alameda. They have great service and it’s always a sure shot cure for your hangover.

Describe your perfect weekend in San Jose.

Bryan: Going to the Blank Club on Thursday night, watching the Sharks play on Friday night, heading to Santa Cruz on Saturday and resting on Sunday while watching the Raiders hopefully win. Yes, Thursday is part of the weekend.

What are three places everyone who lives in San Jose should visit at least once?

Billy: Being a San Jose native, I would recommend that everyone go check out Alum Rock Park. There is a nice hike and the view at eagle rock is cool.

If you’re into local music like we are, you definitely have to check out a show at the Blank Club.

And last but not least, everyone has to come check out the Trims for a night of great music and tasty cocktails.

Who is the most interesting person you know in San Jose?

Bryan: Probably our bassist Tadashi. He is arguably the most interesting man in the world—we’re all still figuring him out.