One of San Jose’s strongest draws is its downtown club scene, where dance comes alive on most nights of the week.

Temple Bar & Lounge
Dating back to 2003, Temple has survived the many changes to San Jose’s downtown dance scene. It’s a little crowded inside, but the dance floor, the laid-back atmosphere and extensive bar gets the job done after hours.

Any gay bar that can have straight dudes starting their online reviews with “I know this is a gay bar, but…” is doing something very, very right. Brix is beloved by San Joseans of all walks of life for the music selection, the generous bartenders and the welcoming atmosphere.

Agenda Lounge
Agenda Lounge has long been known as a place for fans of Latin dance and music, but it has branched out in recent years with other genres as well. Agenda’s standing salsa lessons on Wednesdays are still a favorite and fans of electronic music pack the house for the Workout Party held every first Friday.

Mojitos and salsa, in any form, just kind of go together. Azucar’s got both, with the salsa in the form of lessons on Monday nights. There are also DJs after 9pm, a live band on weekends and a happy hour every day of the week.

If it weren’t for the massive line outside and the thumping beats emanating from the building on the weekends, you might miss Sabor, a walled-off club on the outskirts of downtown. Once inside, the dance floor is right in the front, and the dark, cavernous interior adds to the sexy mystique. Sabor also has an extensive and imaginative drink menu to help lure patrons to the dance floor.

The Brit
The Brit isn’t really the kind of place people regularly “go dancing,” but dancing is bound to happen at The Brit, which fills its event schedule with DJs and live music ranging from hip-hop to Top 40 to cover bands. Though it’s a sports bar by trade, the entertainment often inspires patrons to dance, and far be it from the staff to stop them.

The Blank Club
San Jose’s long-standing, endlessly versatile rock club measures up when it comes to dancing in downtown. It isn’t much to look at from the outside or the inside, but there’s a rotating cast of regular events that attracts crowds, including the eternally popular Atomic and Satori dance parties.

No belly dancing here—not unless you want to get a round of it started. Myth is a Greek-inspired restaurant and dance hotspot—a ‘taverna’, as the name proclaims— though you almost have to go looking to find it. By and large, Myth is a fun, fashion-forward night spot, with custom cocktails, DJs that specialize in techno and house, and those annoying roaming photographers you secretly love. Come on, you know your profile pictures wouldn’t be the same without them.

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
There usually isn’t a whole lot of lounging—or even ultra-lounging—going on at Fahrenheit, the quintessential dance spot in downtown San Jose. A favorite for club-hoppers orbiting around First Street, Fahrenheit is a classic dance club: adventurous food and drink, loud music and a dance floor begging to be worn down.

The Hedley Club
Despite the age of the venue, a younger crowd has taken a shine to the Hedley Club in recent years. The club provides a classy, retro haven to chill to some jazz amidst downtown’s usual weekend melee.