A new market opening in San Jose’s SoFA district takes inspiration from the San Pedro Square Market’s successful model of offering an array of eateries serving a diverse selection of cuisine. The SoFA Market’s first tenant, Falafel Bar, opened late last month.

The focus of their straightforward menu is, obviously, falafel and here it’s served two ways: in a pita (like a sandwich and with a choice of white or wheat pita) or in a bowl (the gluten-free option). Diners can customize their pita or bowl with sides, sauces and pickles—everything from more traditional toppings like hummus, tabouleh or harissa to unusual choices like cilantro-jalapeño pesto, quinoa, spinach, cabbage or seasonal pickled vegetables. (Another unorthodox addition: ketchup.) The menu also includes a traditional Middle Eastern roasted eggplant dish playfully renamed Baba Good News.

The pita is priced at $6.50 and the bowl is priced by weight, at $8.75 per pound (and a smaller pita with two falafel balls is available for $4.). Falafel Bar also serves French fries and agave sodas.