DAVIDsTEA is pretty much the Ben & Jerry’s of tea. The company offers 150 blends for sale, many of them playfully named to reflect unconventional—and sometimes odd—ingredients. Their Read My Lips tea, for instance, includes red candy lips in its mix of black tea with chocolate, vanilla and mint.

The Canadian tea retailer, in business for a mere half-dozen years, has made some inroads in the U.S. recently. Its latest location, a shop in downtown Palo Alto, celebrates its grand opening on Aug. 30. The shop marks the occasion with free tea samples.

DAVIDsTEA rounds out the flavors in some blends with candy, dried fruit or other unusual add-ins, including caramel pieces, hot chilies, goji berries, pomegranate seeds and kombucha powder. The company does sell more traditional teas, including pu’erh, assam, darjeeling and Japanese sencha.

The store will sell loose-leaf tea by weight to brew at home, as well as hot and iced tea drinks.