Veggielution improves upon the farm-to-table meal with a dinner that brings the table to the farm. The urban farm holds its annual fundraising dinner, Bounty of Heart’s Delight, on August 23 right where all the magic happens—that is, where many of the ingredients grow, in their six-acre spread at Emma Prusch Farm Park. Tours of the farm and a barn dance bookend the meal.

A different local chef presides over each year’s feast and the 2014 dinner features Affie Mahini of Café Pomegranate in the kitchen.

Mahini’s menu for the Bounty dinner highlights produce grown at Veggielution, with dishes such as gazpacho made with the farm’s own heirloom tomatoes and lemon cucumbers. And whatever’s not grown at the farm has been locally sourced, right down to the olive oil drizzled on the caprese skewer appetizers. Other dishes on the menu include, as a starter, Koofteh Nokodchi (Persian meatballs made of chickpeas and grass-fed beef) and the main course: grass-fed beef medallions with farm vegetables in a zinfandel reduction. Chambord-macerated fruit with whipped coconut cream tops off the dinner.

Beer and wine accompanying the meal are also locally produced.

Bounty of Heart’s Delight raises funds for Veggielution community and educational programs, which include providing produce to families in need and healthy cooking classes.