Hard touring second wave ska act The English Beat will make a stop on April 18 at The Blank Club before jetting off to the land down under.

Despite never making as large of an impression in the US charts as in the UK during their original 1978-1983 run, The English Beat have cultivated a devoted fanbase among ska fans stateside and beyond. The version of the band touring now, headed by original member Dave Wakeling, looks to have a hefty tour schedule, playing smaller venues across America and Australia. Wakeling now lives in Northern California and his regular and always entertaining gigs around the South Bay are a local favorite.

The band ranks as one of the most influential second wave ska groups, cited by many of the third wave ska and ska punk groups to come out in the 80s and 90s. With their smooth blend of pop and ska, the band put a number of hit singles in the UK including “Mirror in the Bathroom” and “Too Nice to Talk To.” Dave Wakeling’s trademark Vox teardrop guitar now sits in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a far cry from the Birmingham working class neighborhood where the group was formed.