On the Hurricane Roses song “Good Girl,” Angelina Lemucchi sings of leaving “mom and daddy” at 17 and stepping off of the “straight and narrow” path that her parents laid for her. She proceeded to do “a lot of livin’” by the age of 25 and she thanks her lucky stars that she’s alive. It sounds like a good old country song; and it is.

Lemucchi and her band, Hurricane Roses, are a boot-scootin’ 6-piece that echoes the classic sounds of the mid-1900s golden age of country music. From rhythm and country-blues romps to soul-searching, heart-wrenching ballads of love lost, time rolling by and what might have beens, the band is a polished throwback to the days when country music still resonated of down-home living, crying and dying.

Born into a preacher’s family, Lemucchi was only allowed to listen to gospel and Christian music at home, but her grandparents had albums by Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard and Lemucchi would hide away at their place, listening to the bittersweet songs. The music apparently took root; her songwriting, delivery and style are the picture of classic country.

The other members of the band (Jon Havens, acoustic guitar, vocals; Ethan Sanchez, bass; Mike Arnoldi, electric guitar; Dave Cohen, electric guitar, vocals; Jesse Sotelo, drums) fill out the Hurricane Roses’ sound with a musical maturity, talent and patience that reveals their way-bigger-than-local potential. Hailing from both Santa Cruz and San Jose, this is a band on the rise that promises to make a unique mark on the new-roots-of-country scene.

Taking inspiration from rock ‘n’ roll, country and R&B, with a healthy dose of twang on the side, Hurricane Roses brings songs of sorrow and joy, hope, desperation and discovery to an ever-growing number of people who like a little less glam and a little more soul in their country music.

Hurricane Roses perform at the Blank Club on May 18.

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