This week, Hooters restaurants around the country will be in celebratory mode, leading up to the 30th anniversary of the original Clearwater restaurant, which opened on October 4, 1983. They plan a week of food and merchandise discounts, food giveaways and staff reunions. The Campbell location is no different, featuring discounted specials on their menu leading up until dinner on the big day, when one lucky diner will win free wings for a year.

But the celebration comes at a time when the franchise has found itself in a relative slump. Sales have not been the same since similar themed restaurants like Tilted Kilt and Twin Peaks caught on and took away business.

Now under new leadership, the company is continuing efforts to reenergize the brand, chain-wide. Hooters hopes to rebound with better food and new architectural designs for its new units. There are even plans to update the employee uniforms, which consist of eye-catchingly orange shorts, an extra small tank and white bobby socks.

The nationwide redesign begins with a new logo – which will start to replace the old logos between now and October. As new units open, the owls will soon be replaced on regular menus as well. On these newer units, look out for a more contemporary scheme, with creative awnings and signage. The Campbell location has already been newly painted to reflect the company’s transition.

The Atlanta-based Hooters of America is responsible for 412 restaurants operating nationally and abroad, and claims to have more than 300,000 “Hooters Girl” alumnae.