Ed Somerfield knew he had something rare when scores of people were simply lining up for his food. “At festivals, people were in line for 45 minutes to an hour to get an $8 sandwich. Then it was 100 people. Then 300,” said Somerfield with a contagious chuckle.

“We started with nothing in the bank and a lot of passion,” he continued, “I’m not saying we’re the best, but I am saying that we’re really good.”

Besides going to festivals, Big Ed’s Buzzard BBQ also caters to some of the biggest names in our area. Google? Check. Lockheed and Martin? Check. San Francisco 49ers? Check. They also conduct weekend barbecue classes that, (as of recently) are sold out until 2014.

The rising popularity of Somerfield’s food led to the idea of a restaurant, which opened its doors in August. Located on 807 Aldo Avenue in Santa Clara, its hours are limited, 11:00-2:30pm on weekdays, for now.

The menu consists of Big Ed’s crowd-pleasing fare: fall-off-the-bone ribs, smoked brisket, pulled pork, tri-tip and hot links. Sides are more on the traditional end, with some clever house creations in the mix. Take, for instance the deep-fried mac ‘n cheese: creamy mac ‘n cheese is cut up round like a burger, dipped in egg wash and homemade breadcrumbs, then deep-fried. As you’d expect, all of the barbecue sauces are also made in house, a homemade blackberry and a mango habanero – both very good.

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