It was reaching dusk when I walked into the Strawberry Fields café on Cottle Road in south San Jose. My first impression: now this felt like a real bakery. It wasn’t an immaculate dining room with its treasures neatly lined up in rows, convening an experience from another place. When the employee strode out of the back to greet me, sleeves rolled up and apron dusted with flour, there was a sense that the pastries were created just several feet away in a kitchen at the back.

At its inception last year, Strawberry Fields started off as a place to buy locally sourced, organic produce in suburban south San Jose. Baked goods and pastries were secondary offerings. That is, until they started to steal the show. The creative and delicious varieties of breads, pies and pastries have recently taken center stage, along with a few other savory items, sandwiches, and warm drinks.

The flaky bacon cheddar scones are currently a neighborhood favorite. Also on display were moist, red velvet cheesecake squares and raspberry chocolate cupcakes with pinwheels of cream cheese frosting. To the side, homemade breads were wrapped up very simply in clear bags and a tie. Within a few minutes, more customers came through the door to see which varieties were baked for that day.

The produce sections have been replaced by an adorable and colorful dining room, accented by charming flower arrangements. They’ve certainly captured the right vibe for this well loved plaza. Businesses are few, but those able to weather the time here quickly become a part of a loyal, close-knit scene.