This month’s South First Fridays art-about features new shows and receptions at the galleries in and near the SoFA district. One of the more intriguing shows, “CHILD-SIGHT,” brings colorful new works in a fantastical vein by local artist Leah Jay. One of Leah’s mixed-media pieces, “Yesterday’s California,” is featured on the cover of Metro Newspaper this week. She exhibits at Kaleid Gallery, 88 S. Fourth St.

Another artist of note this month is Daniel Valencia, whose works will be on display in the Metro lobby. Born in San Jose and currently living in Seven Trees, Daniel Valencia’s black-and-white photos introduce an interesting perspective of the neighborhood. Valencia recently shared more details with us about his artwork, what motivates him as an artist and some of his favorite Silicon Valley galleries.

What’s your favorite media of the moment? My favorite media to use currently are photography and mixed-media.

What’s the biggest source of inspiration or defining philosophy behind your artwork? The biggest source of inspiration usually comes from walking around my neighborhood or anywhere really. I also find inspiration from meeting new people, looking at artwork and just talking with people. It’s really hard not to get inspired on a daily basis.

Where are we most likely to see you taking in art in Silicon Valley? Some of my favorite places for art in the Silicon Valley are galleries such as Seeing Things Gallery, Anno Domini, Empire 7 Studios, MACLA—and there’s a lot of others.

Where do you like to hang out when you’re not working on art? When I’m not making art I am usually hanging out at the Seeing Things gallery, but usually my mind is always thinking of making new photos, so I guess I’m hardly ever not making art.

When did you first discover your passion to create art and what would you be doing if you weren’t an artist? I discovered photography at the age of 8 and I haven’t stopped shooting since then. If I wasn’t an artist, I really don’t know what I would be doing. I don’t want to imagine myself without photography, but I think I would just be skateboarding with friends.

Where can we find your work now? I have a door for the Downtown Doors contest right before South First Billiards, or you can check out my WordPress:Ê

South First Friday
Friday, April 5, 7-11pm; free