What is it they say about pizza? Even when it’s bad, it’s good. Still, there is a major difference between good and great pizza. That distinction, I’d say, lies mostly with the quality of the sauce. Blue Line Pizza‘s sauce popped out at me during my first bite. It was smooth, lightly sweet and blended well with the other ingredients, making the pie a sensory experience—not just yummy junk food. It helped, of course, that the thin crust was freshly made, and the toppings were plentiful. I was also impressed with the Italian sausage—very succulent. 

Blue Line Pizza is a new restaurant in downtown Campbell that offers a balance between upscale pizza and casual dining. It has the look and feel of a restaurant-style brewery, but the food goes beyond the obvious. The special of the day during my visit was pizza with bacon, Gorgonzola and pears. Yum! If you don’t like pears on your pizza, they still serve all the traditional toppings. For my thin-crust pizza, I ordered the “Classic,” which includes mushrooms, onions, green bell peppers and Italian sausage. Individual sizes start at $6.95. Smalls (12 inches) start at $12; larges (16 inches) at $16.

Blue Line also serves a very delicious deep-dish pizza, which is made with just a little bit of cornmeal—the same way it was made at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago many years ago when the deep-dish style originated. The added cornmeal gives the crust more crunch—and keeps it firm. I ordered the “Blue Line,” which is made with spinach, ricotta, feta, mushrooms, onions and garlic. The combination of ricotta and feta creates a tasty cheese flavor that melds well with the sharpness of the spinach.

For gluten-free patrons, Blue Line offers Udi’s crusts. I ordered a gluten-free pizza with salami, pepperoni and mushrooms. While I wouldn’t normally go this route, it is certainly an excellent option for people with a wheat allergy. There’s only one size (9 inches), which starts at $12.95.

Blue Line also offers salads, beer, paninis and an assortment of appetizers. I tried the garlic bread ($5) and the spicy chicken wings ($10). The garlic bread is cut up into triangular slices and packed with big chunks of garlic, cheese, butter and basil; the added basil flavor really made a difference. The spicy wings were also quite good. Instead of using buffalo sauce, Blue Line uses a spicy peppery seasoning. Everything I ordered at Blue Line Pizza was delicious. I can easily understand why the place is so busy.

Blue Line Pizza
415 E. Campbell Ave.; Campbell; 408.378.2800