The future of one of San Jose’s few all-ages music venues is uncertain after SLG Art Boutiki announced that it must move from the SoFA District location it has called home for the last 11 years.

“The property is scheduled to be razed and have an apartment building built,” owner Dan Vado told Metro Newspaper in a report last week. “When that will happen, we’re not sure, but we were informed that we should be looking for a new place to do business.”

Vado founded Slave Labor Graphics more than 25 years ago and has released popular titles such as Samurai Penguin and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, among other releases.

In addition to comics, Vado produced toys before converting the toy production space into a live music venue.

“We used to make toys, and then we stopped, so we had the space,” Vado told in an Interview earlier this year. “We converted the front of the space into a book store and art gallery. My kids are both musicians, and they were coming in here at night to practice, so we started having some all-ages shows for free.

“Once we realized there was a demand for the space, we became much more of a music venue than a book store. And music sounds amazing in here—Jazz especially. Anything with horns just really resonates.”

Vado says he will try to accommodate live music wherever he relocates SLG Art Boutiki, but options are someone limited to fit all of his needs.

“I am hoping to continue to do live music, but the places where I can do that are limited and difficult to get into,” he told Metro.