After taking a winter break, South First Fridays returns for its eighth year on Feb 1. The usual venues are back for the free SoFA District art walk with a new eclectic selection of artists on display and other entertainment. Anno Domini presents the “The Moment (When the World Stopped Turning)” by Klone. The exhibition is described as a visible documentation of life featuring symbols of moments throughout childhood and adulthood—some realistic, others unrealistic. Klone, who was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, says his art is based on memories he has collected throughout his life. He has traveled from his home in Tel-Aviv to be here for the exhibit and to work on the installation for the gallery. He will be onsite for an artist’s reception from 7 to 11pm. The evening also features music by Halo Between.

SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery hosts a Valentine’s Day-themed show with the Art Boutiki Jazz Quartet performing throughout the night and free comics for visitors. SLG will present a reading in honor of Black History Month.

Phantom Galleries will display “Color” by Ken Brenner at Pho69 Restaurant. Brenner has been painting since his early 20s, and his artwork experiments with dimensions of colors and the moods represented by different shades. Also thinking about the uses of color is Robert Zuchowski, whose abstract paintings will be displayed in “Dynamics in Color” in the Metro lobby.

Kuna culture—encompassing indigenous communities from Panama and Colombia—is on display at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Visitors can make their own felt molas, costumes worn by Kuna Indians that represent their identities in vibrant and colorful ways.

Good Karma Vegan Cafe hosts Joe Perea’s intricate drawings that depict the process of “enantiodromia”—when something changes to become its opposite—and Art Ark Gallery presents “Tango and the Modern Nude,” an exhibition focusing on the human body. It will feature a sculpted, relaxed nude body as well as a moving body.

The evening’s events also include the Vandivier Trio playing the music of Wayne Shorter at the Pagoda inside the Fairmont Hotel (starting at 8:30pm). San Jose’s own Rebelskamp will play rock in multiple genres in the courtyard in front of San Jose Stage, while Cado & Friends perform samba and bossa nova tunes at Caff- Frascati.

South First Friday
Feb. 1, 7-11pm
Downtown San Jose