Jingle Fest, arriving at Napredak Hall on Nov. 18,  is a family-run event started three years ago by San Jose residents Nathan Mallamace and his father Jim Mallamace.

The idea came together in 2009 when Nathan started an Etsy online store selling King Rat costumes from the move “Where the Wild Things Are” when he was in-between jobs.

“Etsy saved me in some regards,” said Nathan.

During the same time, Jim Mallamace was assisting a cousin who invested in a militaria show at Napredak Hall. He was inspired to start a show of his own to help local artisans sell their products locally.

“I began to search out for a way to build a show of my own,” said Jim Mallamace. “When I noticed a local community of artisans selling their crafts online, I strongly suspected I could create a show around their need for a South Bay venue.”

The result is Jingle Fest, a free holiday-themed gathering of 80 exhibitors in Napredak Hall. Jingle Fest sellers are given an eight-foot long table that is just big enough to display only their most popular work.

Attendees can expect to find a variety of one-of-a-kind hand made crafts, including handmade jewelry, recycled textiles, apparel, chocolates, accessories and more.

“We have doubled our traffic every year since 2009,” said Nathan. “The first year we were definitely really nervous. Our nightmare was no one would show the first year. Now, we’re worried too many will show.”

Jingle Fest is November 18 at Napredak Hall. Admission is free, 10am to 4pm.