Diners all pretty much serve the same menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it is in their conventionality that we find comfort and solace—and free refills of coffee.

Bill’s Cafe
With four locations in San Jose, Bill’s offers an extensive menu of eggs benedict and all the standards of American breakfast and lunch served daily from 7am-3pm.

Chiva’s 5-Spot Grill
The iconic South First Street diner with its gleaming red and blue Art Deco sign opened in 1931 and quickly developed a local following. As car culture consumed America, it became the drive-in diner in San Jose. Times have changed and so has the neighborhood and the 5-Spot now serves Mexican food as well classic diner fare.

City Diner
The old location was razed to make way for a new development, but the south San Jose diner lives on including its 66 (as in Route 66) kinds of milkshakes.

Mini Gourmet
Friend of late revelers and early risers alike, “mini’s” caters all looking for a square meal and square deal 24 hours a day.

Peggy Sue’s
The cutesy 1950’s thing may get taken a little too far but this downtown diner still serves a classic menu of breakfast, burgers and shakes.