South First Fridays Art Walk makes its 2012 debut in the SoFA district with a mix of contemporary and traditional artwork, live music and other entertainment.

Several downtown San Jose galleries and businesses open their doors to the public for free during the evening event that starts at 7pm Friday.

Anno Domini hosts the opening reception for N’TENCE Hallucinations, a group exhibit examining “artwork created during past hallucinations” from the N’TENCE artist collective. Featuring works from Kristin Farr, Able Brown, David Hopp, Isaac McKay-Randozzi and Porous Walker, the exhibition could be a potential mind-bending experience.

“Artists have seen into the very near future psychically drawing from personal thoughts and wishes from the people who will be visiting the gallery during the length of the exhibition,” according to a statement from Anno Domini. Electronic synth-pop band Comfort Slacks will provide musical accompaniment.

KALEID Gallery presents two new exhibitions and a special live performance by cellist Freya Seeburger. Lunar Phases, a photography series by Centa Schumacher, features images layered and overlapped in the pattern of familiar lunar phases that examine the idea that nothing is constant but change and Al Preciado presents his recent work in Brutal / Tender, a compilation of sculptures, paintings, photo collages, and installation work created in the last six months.

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles presents Collecting California, a showcase of contemporary California art demonstrating the evolution of the California fiber art movement.

The complexities of the feminine experience is explored with Femme Fatale, presented by Works San Jose and showcasing Bay Area artists Jody Alexander, Connie Begg, Victoria May, Stephanie Metz and Slyvia Min..

Guitarist Rick Vandivier will appear with the Vandivier ensemble at Eulipia Restaurant, playing jazz, rock, latin and funk, and Phantom Galleries takes advantage of one of downtown San Jose’s many empty storefronts with Kanji Garden, an installation featuring hundreds of repurposed books that were rescued from landfill.

A complete list of participating galleries and venues is available at