Hot or iced. Unleaded or leaded. Sugar or cream. San Jose has a cup of coffee for you.

Caffe Frascati
Formerly known as Cafe Trieste, Caffe Frascati has branched out on its own to serve a taste of Italy, cup by cup.

Crema Coffee Roasting Co.
This homey coffeehouse on The Alamdea roasts its own.

Philz Coffee
The king of the pour over, Philz specializes in custom blends. Great iced coffee, too.

Red Berry
Not only do City Hall workers have a shiny new building to work in, they’re located right across the street from one of San Jose’s premier cafes.

Roy’s Station
Located in Japantown, Roy’s serve great coffee on a busy corner that was once a gas station. Now the fuel they serve is caffeine.